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The yarn is usually mounted to its anchor or starting cord by lark's head knots.

However patterns mainly use the two basic knots in macramé work - the double half hitch knot and the flat knot. The designs are built up from various combinations of these.

By the way, if, instead of changing the direction of the cords in the flat knot, the cord is always moved from the same side, a sinnet is formed. The diagonal double half hitch knot can also be worked from the other direction but it relies on having a firmly pinned mounting strand.

Of course, after you have tried a few projects you will want to add other kinds of knots to your work, perhaps including other materials such as beads, sequins, feathers, sticks, watches, key fobs and so on . . . . You can see how every item will be unique.

Practise the knots with string and then why don't you try a project.